European Studies is a post-primary curriculum-based programme for schools.

The programme links schools across Europe through sustained collaborative projects furthering tolerance, mutual understanding and an appreciation of the cultures of others.

It is jointly funded by the Departments of Education in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Upon joining a programme a school is assigned to a cluster/working group which contains a Northern Ireland school, a school from the Republic of Ireland and 4 to 5 other schools from 25 different European countries. The school nominates a teacher/coordinator who attends an annual residential International Planning Conference. At conference the cluster group completes an agreement/contract of curriculum-based work to be exchanged between respective pupils for the forthcoming academic year. The emphasis is adaptability to allow for each school’s situation and needs.

The International Award, developed by ASDAN (a UK-based curriculum development organisation) is available for all students engaged in the programme. This is a skills-based award which can also contribute to a recognised qualification in the UK. European Studies is an accredited centre for The International Award. In Assumption, students also use their ESP activities to contribute towards the CoPE Level 3 qualification which is worth 70 UCAS points in the UK.