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At Assumption, we offer a choice of three Modern Languages: French, Spanish and Irish. The three departments that make up the Modern Language Departments in Assumption share a commitment to developing our pupils’ linguistic skills and their awareness of language usage.

You can visit the page of each department by clicking on the links at the top.

We share a common approach and believe our work to be complementary whilst offering variety and choice to our pupils. Each department is well resourced and staffed, with pupils being offered a variety of extra-curricular activities and achieving considerable success in examinations and fulfilment in their developing knowledge and skills.




Every year, the French, Spanish and Irish departments ally forces to celebrate this event.

At the beginning of October, each year group was invited to a specific event including: a languages quiz, a tri-lingual fashion show, a French breakfast in the canteen, a careers talk with guest speakers Noel Thompson and Karen Kirby (BBC for older students. Our canteen staff even prepared Irish, French, Spanish and Italian dishes for lunch. Teachers throughout the school were encouraged to use their foreign languages skills to greet their students!

This event was a great success and we are looking forward to enjoying it again next year !