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‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players…’ taken from ‘As You Like It’

- William Shakespeare




  • Miss R Gibson

Assumption Grammar School’s award winning Drama Department is proud to lead the school in a Musical Production that occurs biennially. In what is truly a ‘Fully Alive’ event, and one that celebrates our ethos of inclusivity, pupils from across all key stages are encouraged to participate whether this be through acting, helping back stage, organising costumes or operating the sound and lighting boards. Thus, through their participation, pupils develop numerous transferable skills from working as part of a team to public speaking all whilst having great fun!

Every other year our Junior pupils take to the stage to perform in the school’s Drama Festival, a tradition cemented firmly within its artistic roots. This wonderful experience enables our Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils to gain confidence as they showcase their talents in front of both their peers and teachers. The Drama Festival is something so many of our past pupils have such happy memories of as they reminisce playing some of Shakespeare’s most famous characters such as Lady Macbeth, Bottom and Juliet.


A state of the art Drama Lecture Studio, complete with a transferrable stage, tiered seating, black-out curtains and cyclorama. The attached Green Room is filled to the brim with costumes and props to meet the demands of every theatrical genre whilst adding that sense of fun to performing!

Additionally, Multi-Hall 1 boasts a traditional proscenium arch stage where our biennial Musical Productions and Key Stage 3 Drama Festivals are held. Sound and lighting boards add that air of sophistication to these artistic endeavours, making them an experience loved by both pupils and audience members alike.

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Drama is not taught as a discrete subject until pupils enter Year 11. At Key Stage 3 level, Drama it is embedded within the English Curriculum as pupils prepare for, and perform in, Assumption’s traditional Drama festival! Years 8, 9 and 10 all participate in this event which sees Multi-Hall 1 host a range of eye-catching sets, lavish costumes and projected voices. Parents, guardians and family friends are invited to watch the mini-productions with some audience members even reminiscing on their own time on the Assumption stage!

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In August 2020, the Drama Department was proud to have had five years A* to B success rate at GCSE level. Many of our Year 12 pupils achieve full marks in their practical assessments which have been praised by the exam board for their ‘imaginative approach to theatre.’ After-school rehearsals run weekly and this extra-curricular endeavour ensures every girl reaches her full potential whilst also boosting group morale and self-esteem.

“Be prepared to stay after school…a lot! It’s so worth it though, when your play all comes together in the end. It gives you such a buzz!” Emma Croskery, former Drama GCSE pupil.
You can access more information regarding GCSE Drama via the CCEA website:


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In August 2020, the Drama Department was proud to have had five years A* to B success rate at A- Level. Throughout the course, pupils will explore and practise the methods of influential theatrical practitioners to help shape their own productions which take on current societal issues. The exam board has complimented past performances for their originality and ensemble techniques.

Impacting upon an audience, challenging their viewpoints and way of thinking is very much needed! I love how we got to tackle controversial issues like BREXIT and Transgenderism.” Aine McConvey, former Drama A-Level pupil.

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You can access more information regarding A-level Drama via the Edexcel website:


Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)
The studying of Drama at examination level instils numerous transferrable skills that can be utilised in both third level education and employment.
What Skills will I develop?
⦁ Public Speaking
⦁ Working as part of a Team
⦁ Thinking Creatively
⦁ Time Management
⦁ Communication
⦁ Presenting Information
⦁ Use of ICT

What Career Pathways are available to me if I study this subject?

⦁ Drama Teaching
⦁ Theatre Director
⦁ Stage Manager
⦁ Lighting/Sound Technician
⦁ Actor
⦁ Costume Designer
⦁ Set Designer
⦁ Solicitor
⦁ Barrister

Drama has given me so much more confidence outside of the classroom- it really helped me with my job and teaching interviews!” Jayne Campbell, former Drama A-Level pupil.

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GCSE: 100% A* - B
A-LEVEL: 100% A* - B